Team Descriptions:  (For Summer 2015)

Post HS/College Program:
 College Players
* YOG 2015 and older 

HS Varsity Team
  11th-12th Grade Players
* YOG 2016-2017

HS Junior Varsity Team
 9th-10th Grade Players
* YOG 2018-2019

Youth All Stars Team
  6th-8th Grade Players
* YOG 2020-2022

Youth Rising Stars Team
:  4th-6th Grade Players
* YOG 2022-2024

Youth Developmental Team:  K-3rd Grade Players
* YOG 2025-2028


Team Info

Team Real Lacrosse Club services players from the lower New England area to include RI, MA and CT.  The club is designed for all levels of play, from beginners to the most experienced players.  We encourage anyone who enjoys playing lacrosse to join the club.  If you want to take your game to a higher level or just want to play with your friends, the Team Real Lacrosse Club is available for you.

Tournament play, not mandatory for players who join the club, is available for those players who want the opportunity to be recognized by college coaches.   Our more advanced players have been recognized by DI, DII and DIII college coaches.  

The Post HS/College program is designed to assist players prepare for their college tryouts and maintain proper workout habits (conditioning, stick work) in the "off season".

The teams are comprised of three groups:
* Youth:        K-8th Grade Players
* HS:             9th-12th Grade Players
* Post HS:    College Players 

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