Registration Info

* All Players must complete the "2017 Registration & Waiver Form" when participating in any of the 2017 TRL events.  
These forms will are utilized for the entire year:  
54.5 KB

* All Players must have a current USL Membership number.

* Registration fees can be paid via cash, checks made payable to: Team Real Sports or Bill Villareal, or credit card.  
* Tournaments and uniforms are additional costs to players.
* All payments are final and refunds are not granted so please plan accordingly.

If paying by credit card below, an additional $15 is added to the original cost to cover associated fees. 

Fall Session 
* Youth Development, Youth RS/AS and HS players - $150 for Fall Session
* You can pay via cash, check made payable to BILL VILLAREAL or TEAM REAL SPORTS or via CC below


Private Lessons

* Youth or HS players - $20 per 1/2 hour
Youth or HS players - $35 per hour

Select Type of Lessons


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